As with many people today I had an idea which developed in to a story and finally became a book. This ultimately became Checkout 27 but along the way this project showed me so many things about the world of publishing and PR I would never have understood without trying it. I am now prepared for the next book and even look forward to the challenge.

CheckOut 27

We have all done it. Thought about money and ways to get our hands on it. Peter Digby had just the same idea but he worked out a way to embezzle the cash he wanted from his employer.

Now the fun begins, cars, clothes, cottages and cash to spend. It never works out as you expect though, who will you show the car to? Who will you invite to your fabulous cottage? All your friends and family think you are a straight forward Supermarket Manager. Do you fancy explaining it to them? No, you don’t so everyday you travel to work in a battered old Peugeot and live in a small flat. More paraniod each day about getting caught.

Falling for the auditor sent to check on you isn’t wise either, however beautiful she looks. Errors of judgement are part of life but trousers made with velcro and telephone calls to women of a certain profession are pushing you closer to the edge. Never forgetting the special sand or Beaver Patrol. Confused yet? This will have you laughing and in the end you might just find yourself routing for the bad guy.